Negotiations Update, August 27, 2015

MUNACA and University representatives continued with the presentation of  McGill’s details expanding on the original objectives document presented on  Wednesday, August 26th, 2015. Present for MUNACA; Sherrie Child (C-council), Jesse Radz (C-council), Debra Yee (L-council), Badawy Sha’ath (T-council), Roberto Tariello (T-council), Marc

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2015 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT NEGOTIATIONS BEGIN   Today, August 26, 2015,  MUNACA representatives met with the University representatives for the first time to begin the negotiation process for our next collective agreement. MUNACA’s representatives are: Sherrie Child (C-Council), Jesse Radz (C-Council),

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Quebec Government finally responds to MUNACA Bill 100 Complaint


Dear Members As we informed you in June and August of 2012 regarding Bill 100: The Montreal Gazette CBC News (item starts at 8:26) Mtl Blog Le Journal de Québec We’re pleased to see that the government has taken notice. It

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Vote to Stop the Cuts

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The site’s now bilingual!


Our website is in the process of going bilingual! You’ll notice that you now have a choice of languages (at the top of the right-hand column).  Provisionally, much of the translation is machine-translated and will need proof-reading, so please bear

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PSAC Free $5000 Life Insurance

PSAC provides FREE $5000 life insurance to members in good standing. It’s not automatic – you do have to apply. Go here to find out more and fill in your application.

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June newsletter now published

The June, 2015 edition of comMUNACAtions is now available online. Read about May Day recap, report on the PSAC National Convention, more on MURA, and an excellent recipe for spanakopita. You can read it all here.

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MUNACA Annual General Meeting


ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MUNACA GENERAL ASSEMBLY Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 12:00-2:00 Leacock 132 AGENDA 1. Approval of Agenda 2. Approval of Minutes of June 12, 2014 & December 5, 2014 3. Amendment to MUNACA Trust Fund – Vote

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MUNACA Spring Barbecue!


Come on out to the MUNACA Spring BBQ at The 3 Bares Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Sodas & Fun!! Thursday, June 18th, 201512:00 -14:00

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More Economics for Everyone


Luis Padilla is back with another engaging, informative – but informal! – installment of Economics for Everyone at noon on June 2nd, in Ferrier 456.

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MUNACA Collective Agreement

Collective Agreement

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